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Why this is our favourite waterproof

Michael Humphries

22 January 2024

The new year is well underway and it’s the perfect time to get some practice in before the golfing season is upon us.

However, we’ve no doubt if you ask any golfer why they’re not keen on heading out on the course in January, it’s due to the more challenging conditions.

If you’ve ever been caught out on the course in a fierce rainfall, you’ll know how chilling it is to be drenched head-to-foot, and how good the sigh of relief feels when you make it back to the clubhouse to dry yourself off and recuperate.

You’ll be avoiding feeling like a drowned rat when you add the latest golf waterproofs from Under Armour to your wardrobe. They’ll keep you warm, dry, and they’re an absolute joy to wear.




As we’ll all well know, our climate brings its fair share of rain. From slight showers to unrelenting downpours, you can almost guarantee that you’ll get wet playing golf in the wintertime.

Nobody likes being caught in a rainfall, but it won’t disrupt your game or your focus when you’re wearing the latest golf waterproofs. These jackets and trousers feature a waterproof coating that ensures the rain will run down the material rather than seep in and cause any dampness.

Rain may not be your favourite weather for a round of golf, but you won’t get wet when you’re wearing a golf waterproof outfit! Typical rain jackets may keep you dry but the material will become heavy with moisture and slow you down. Golf-specific waterproof jackets are designed to keep you feeling nimble and fluid, especially throughout your swing!




The winter months bring about a lot of turbulent weather, and the wind can be a big deciding factor of which club you take out of the bag when you’re standing on the tee. The wind may influence your ball, but you’ll be perfectly safe from it going through you when you’re garbed in a golf waterproof.

Engineered using Seam-sealed and stretchy material, these garments are light to the touch and help you turn through your golf swing with absolute ease. They’re also have a lot of stopping power when you’re confronted with gusts of wind, so you’ll stay warm and content as you make your way around the course.

In a nutshell, golf waterproofs keep your core feeling warm and secure without being flappy and baggy like a typical raincoat.


Colder temperatures


It goes without saying that there’s a lot less daylight throughout the winter period, leaving us with a shorter timeframe to enjoy our time out on the golf course.

As the darkness creeps in so does the temperature drop, but there’s no need to panic. These golf waterproofs are ideal for layering and they’re easy to wear and remove should you need to put a jumper on to keep your core warm.

These golf waterproofs have stretch properties that allow you to have a freeing sense of movement as you turn your body through your swing. Your movement won’t feel restricted at all even as you layer up on those chilly winter mornings.


Why wear Under Armour?


When you walk into the pro shop, you may initially see a row of different kinds of golf waterproofs and not be able to discern any difference among them. Well, we’d like to take a moment to remind you why Under Armour is the choice of premium golf apparel.

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by American Football player Kevin Plank who had a vision of making better performance-enhancing clothing for athletes. In 2005 they released the revolutionary performance fabric UA TECH that was designed to feel like cotton while being stretchy and breathable.

2011 gave us more fascinating innovations like the Charged Cotton fabric that quickly evaporated sweat, and the launch of the Storm range renowned for being both lightweight and waterproof. Having achieved astronomical success over just a few decades, and with players like Jordan Spieth championing the brand, you know you’re in good hands with Under Armour.


The latest Under Armour golf waterproof


A perfect example of the quality that Under Armour regularly supplies is the Portrush 2.0 Waterproof Jacket.

The jacket is made of a stretchy material and is really easy to wear and remove thanks to the full-length zip that runs from the collar to the waist. The piece has zippered hand pockets on either side of the waist that are perfect for carrying small items and protecting your hands from the cold.

Effortlessly waterproof, the Storm technology used in the fabric will keep you dry from the rain. The Portrush 2.0 also has a back rain shield with a mesh underlay that provides excellent ventilation to keep you feeling comfortable. Thanks to the adjustable cuffs and bottom hem, you’ll be able to find your ideal fit in no time.

The Portrush 2.0 looks stunning, and we have no doubt you’ll be glad to have it with you when the forecast is predicting rain. If you’re looking for a new golf waterproof and you’re not sure of which one will best benefit you, please pop by and visit us in the pro shop, we’d be happy to help.

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