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Titleist U-510 Utility Iron

Titleist U-510 Utility Iron

Michael Humphries

The bigger brother of the U-500, the U-510 features a larger head and wider sole promoting more forgiveness from the top end of your iron set.

The larger head shape and wide sole enable a tungsten weight to be placed so that the centre of gravity is lower and further back in the head, for remarkable forgiveness and a superior launch angle.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Wide sole and head shape increases forgiveness
  • Ultra-thin forged SUP-10 L-Face offers fast ball speeds
  • Even comes available in a one-iron 16-degree loft option
  • 95-gram tungsten weight optimises centre of gravity for a higher launch
  • Loft angles from 16 to 22 degrees

If you have never gotten on with a hybrid or just want to keep with the feel of an iron whilst wanting more forgiveness and higher launches, then this is the perfect club to put into play. Book in to give it a go today.

Titleist U-510 Utility Iron
Titleist U-510 Utility Iron


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