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Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Ball

Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Ball

Michael Humphries

A tour-standard ball with all the feel and distance you need for lower scores – perfection.

The RB Tour X has a slightly higher compression than its Tour counterpart, ensuring that you'll get more spin from your drives if you have a flat or upward attack angle. The 360 Cone Dimples produces a controllable, penetrating driver flight, to help you find the fairways more consistently.

Key features and benefits:

  • Urethane cover for incredible feel
  • 360 drag-reducing C-Dimples for more speed and stable trajectory
  • Higher compression than RB Tour ball for more spin off the tee

Not sure whether to go for the RB Tour or the RB Tour X? Come down to the shop and we'll help you find the ball which suits your game perfectly.

Mizuno RB Tour X Golf Ball

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