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Mizuno RB 566V Golf Ball

Mizuno RB 566V Golf Ball

Michael Humphries

Both RB 566 models are incredibly soft, feel fantastic and offer impressive distance, but the RB 566V does that little bit more around the greens.

Designed to increase velocity at launch, the RB 566V features a soft rubber core that delivers incredible feel and ball speed immediately on impact. Added to this is the 566 D-dimple design. which sits inside the larger dimples to prolong ball flight.

Key features and benefits include:

  • New Butadiene soft rubber core delivers explosive ball speed
  • Ionomer cover improves greenside feel and durability
  • 566 D-Dimple design prolongs ball flight time
  • Ideal all-year-round ball

Explosive power from launch and plenty of hang time is how we describe Mizuno's RB 566V golf ball. They are well worth putting into play so grab a box from us before you next head out.

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