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King Cobra Snakebite Wedges

King Cobra Snakebite Wedges

Michael Humphries

The incredible grooves in these wedges give you, fittingly enough, a real ‘bite’ around the greens. A must-try in our eyes.

The grooves are 11% deeper and 40% sharper than previous Cobra wedge models, with the grooves progressing from traditional to full-face to give you the shots you need every time. We're hugely impressed by the way the groove designs change from deep & narrow to wide & shallow to fulfil your needs.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Re-engineered cutting method maximises groove volume & sharpness and tightens tolerances
  • Progressive groove system optimises spin performance for each individual wedge
  • 48-50 degree wedges have deeper, narrower grooves with traditional length
  • 56-60 degree wedges have wider, shallower grooves with that cover the entire face
  • Full-face grooves allows you to gain more spin for open-faced shots
  • Available in three grinds (Versatile, Classic & Widelow), each serving a unique purpose
  • Available in ONE-Length

Find out how these wedges can change your game by clicking the button to book a fitting with us.


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