3 things to know about Cobra's new driver

Michael Humphries

29 January 2024


We’ve got some exciting things planned for the year ahead, among them having Cobra’s fantastic new driver ready for purchase in our shop! We’d love to walk you through all the tech in person, so why not book a custom fitting with us?

Cobra’s most recent driver launch was the Aerojet range, and it’s time to say hello to the Darkspeed! There’s a lot to unpack with this fantastic golf driver, but today we’re going to give you three solid reasons why this club is one to get really excited about.


1. Darkspeed Shape and Looks

Cobra Darkspeed Driver

There’s no denying the silky and intriguing shape of the Cobra Darkspeed driver.

Once you’ve pulled off the headcover and examine the sole, you’ll notice some distinct aesthetic differences that sets the Darkspeed apart from the Aerojet drivers of 2023. While the latter had white sections near the toe and heel, the Darkspeed is a smart matte black colour all over.

As the name would suggest, this driver is fast. Very fast. Cobra has managed to improve the aero shape so it's more streamlined to maximise clubhead speed. That equates to more speed coming into impact as as long as your strike is okay, you'll notice quicker ball speeds and added distance off the tee.

The LS model (pictured above) boasts two forward weights on either side of the club’s centre, while the X and Max drivers have blue and red highlights respectively. Turning the driver over and standing it at address, the crown looks fantastic and the carbon fibre material has a subtle chequered pattern.


2. Darkspeed Feel

Cobra Darkspeed Drive Range

It looks good, but does it feel good? Well the answer is yes, yes it does. This golf driver has a Lamkin Crossline Black grip that will give you a superb hold over your club.

This club also puts you in a good mood when you’re standing on the tee. The streamlined face to topline radius looks fantastic when you’re standing at address, reassuring you that you’ve got the right club in your hands for the shot ahead.

Cobra pays a lot of attention to sound and feel when designing these clubs, the better the noise when you flush a driver strike, the better it feels. Thanks to the face tech, you’ll be hitting it a good distance each time you step up to the ball.


3. Darkspeed Tech


It should go without saying that a golf driver is only as good as the tech it’s made of, and Cobra has made the Darkspeed with the latest cutting-edge advancements.

Cobra has learnt from us, the golfer, and has now given us A.I. designed hot spots across the face. Allowing us to get the best out of each of our drives.

We’ve mentioned the incredibly aerodynamic appeal Cobra has given this driver. With a streamlined face and higher crown peak, you’ll have an excellent view over your ball to visualize making ideal contact.

Cobra’s own H.O.T Face takes centre stage on this club, designed by artificial intelligence, this face tech helps generate spin and gives you faster ball speeds right across the face. With a larger PRWSHELL L-cup face than previous drivers, you’ll have an excellent contact zone for when club meets ball.

A suspended PWR-BRIDGE Weighting system that is lower and more forward than previous models contributes to the admirable ball speeds you’ll be reaching.

We can’t get over how fun this driver is to swing, and it’s a joy to go over how each section has been specifically designed to contribute to your performance.


Darkspeed: A family of three golf drivers

Every golfer has a unique ability, and every golfer has a unique swing. With this in mind, Cobra has created three separate Cobra Darkspeed golf drivers all made with a specific kind of player in mind.

The most forgiving driver in the range, the Darkspeed Max has a built-in draw-bias to help players that have a natural slice in their swing. This club is very easy to strike with and will give you straighter shots off the tee with tons of distance.

The low spin entry in the range, the Darkspeed LS driver will offer you lots of workability if you regularly like to shake up your shot shapes. There are three adjustable weights on the back allowing you to optimize your spin and forgiveness, allowing you to strike the ball exactly how you’d like to.

With a refined, aerodynamic clubhead, the Darkspeed X has been engineered to give you phenomenal speed off the tee. The backweights similarly allow for additional spin tuning so you get the most out of your drives.

If you’re thinking of kickstarting your 2024 with a new golf driver, why not pop by the pro shop? When you come for a custom fitting, we’ll be able to take a look at your ability and how you approach the ball. We’ll then get you kitted up with appropriate gear so you can take your game to the next level.

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