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Michael Humphries

23 May 2022

If you were walking down a rainy street with a wad of cash and you got to choose a bag to put it in, what would you go for? A 20p supermarket carrier bag? A shoulder bag? Oh no, you go for a waterproof bag with all the bells & whistles to keep that money safe! So, what about the contents of your golf bag?

The obvious place to start is with the clubs, but in this day & age it’s safe to say you’ll probably have a phone, a wallet and whatever else tucked away in your bag too. That’s what Callaway made its waterproof Hyper Dry bags for.

Callaway Hyper Dry stand bags
Callaway Hyper Dry stand bags

You can choose from a stand bag or cart bag model, both of which offer a dedicated valuables pocket (along with an insulated cooler pocket and other purpose-built features) and a seam-sealed construction for uncompromising protection. You can also enjoy full-length dividers for every single club; helping organise your clubs and keep them safe as well.

Callaway Hyper Dry cart bags
Callaway Hyper Dry cart bags

Are you ready for winter golf, or do you need to get yourself a bag to fight the weather? Our Callaway waterproof bag range has you covered.

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