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60-40 | Which side are you on?

Michael Humphries

31 January 2022

If you've been watching any golf on TV recently, there's a good chance you'll have seen the latest clubs flashing up promising more distance and better accuracy. But how do you know what to believe? More importantly, which one will you get the best performance from?

VIDEO | Custom Fitting Myths Dispelled

Well, you can visit us in the pro shop and see them in flesh. Heck, you can even give them a try!

A recent survey highlighted that 60.8% of golfers have been custom fitted for at least 1 club in their bag. Our question to you is: are you part of that number? If so then great, you'll know all about the benefits of being custom fit. If you're not, that's okay - but here are three reasons why we think you'd enjoy it.

1) It’s exciting!

There’s an undeniable thrill to buying new clubs. From trying out the latest models and seeing what all the hype is about, to getting that message that tells you your new clubs are ready to pick up… it’s all very exciting! With our fitting service, that thrill is taken to another level as you’re getting something personally tailored to you. It’s not just a new golf club, it’s your new golf club.

2) Bang for your buck

When these stunning clubs pop up on your TV screen, you know they’re not going to be cheap. When you see them in-person in our shop, you can see why... they look stunning. So, if you’re going to spend a good chunk of your hard-earned cash on new clubs, make sure you’re squeezing out every last drop of performance by dialling them in to suit your swing.

3) More confidence = better golf

We understand why you might feel a bit nervous about getting fitted, but if you turn up and find yourself shanking, slicing, fatting or thinning, that’s okay! The goal of fitting you with these clubs is to help you improve, and by the end of our fitting session you’ll be walking away feeling confident that you'll play better golf more often.

So, if you’re thinking about getting some new clubs in your bag this year, a custom fitting session is an absolute must. We’re here to help, so make the most of us and get the most out of your new golf clubs by booking in via our website.

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