Golf irons & changing conditions

Michael Humphries

18 September 2023


Broadly speaking, there’s summer golf and then there’s winter golf. Both seasons have their ups-and-downs. You may love the warmth in summer and the tee being freer in the winter, but how do you prepare your game for the changing of the season? How does golf change?

As we creep into autumn, you’ll be wanting to have your thermals and mittens nearby for when you’re spending a lot of time outdoors. It’s sensible to be dressed for the colder weather, but one thing you may not be aware of is how it can affect your clubs. Please join us as we explain how the latest Cobra golf irons will help see you through the wintertime.


Adapting your game to winter golf


Conditions in the colder months can have a significant effect on how your game is played. For example, the colder temperatures reduce the elasticity of the metal in your golf irons. This means they won’t bend as fluidly as when you’re playing in the warmer months as there’s less efficient transfer of energy from the golf iron to the ball.

Another thing to consider is that colder air is denser, so there will be more resistance acting on your ball as it travels through the air. So in short, the cold temperature affects your clubs, and will give you slightly less distance on your shots. Keep in mind you may need to club-up when you’re out on the course this winter.

The ground is also wetter and muddier in winter, so when you come down onto the ball it can be harder to make a clean connection with the turf. While we hate hitting muddy shots or playing on difficult lies, it’s important to anticipate them. It’s good planning to have an extra towel in your bag to keep your clubs in working order should you be hitting through murky turf.

These are just some of the reasons why winter golf is more difficult than in the summer. If you want to keep playing happy all year round, you’ll need to be heading out on the course with golf irons that are appropriate for you.


Which golf irons should you try?

As you can see from the illustration, Cobra makes a variety of quality golf clubs and different models that cater to players of specific abilities.

If you have a higher handicap, you’ll want to learn more about the Cobra Air-X irons. These golf irons are designed to offer you lots of forgiveness and help you to hit the ball as high and as far as you can, whilst maintaining the control needed. They also have a slight draw-bias to help keep your strikes central and nicely on the fairway or flying to the green.

Whereas if you’re a skilled player with a low handicap, you’ll be more interested in the King Forged Tec irons. These forged irons have a buttery soft feel as you'd expect, with a lot of emphasis put on controlling distance and ball flight. The face has been designed to give you fast ball speeds and the hollow cavity construction enhances your shot distance.

You may have seen a lot of buzz around Cobra’s Aerojet range, so join us as we take a quick look at these sublime golf clubs.


The Aerojet range

Cobra’s Aerojet range is a fantastic example of sleek looks meeting incredible feel. These golf irons are an attractive industrial steel colour, with highlights of blue and red on the back that seem to resemble the wings of a bird. Not unlike a bird’s wings, this iron will have your ball taking flight long and far. These clubs will certainly look beautiful in the crisp winter sunlight.

The Aerojet has a soft polymer filler that helps bring about this fantastic feel. You’ll get both a pleasing vibration in your fingers when you strike the ball, plus the impact will make a crisp satisfying sound. The club’s face has been designed to give you faster ball speeds for more distance, as well as a higher launch, so you’ll be finding the greens with ease. Each iron in the range retains this impressive feel when you’re playing on wetter ground.

If you struggle to change your swing between your longer and shorter irons, Cobra’s Aerojet One-Length range could well be of interest to you. As the name suggests, these clubs are all the same length, that of a 7-iron, so you’ll have the confidence to approach the ball without having to overthink your swing shape. A range of one-length clubs will help keep you focused on playing the right shot when you’re clubbing-up in the harsher winter conditions.

Don’t let the changing of the seasons put you off your golf! There’s no better feeling than mastering your iron shots. If you’re on the lookout for some new irons, we’d be more than happy to help, just contact us in the pro shop.

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