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The spark you need?

Michael Humphries

13 September 2021

What better way to keep spirits high than treating yourself to some stylish new clothing? Loads of new collections start dropping at this time of year, so we thought we’d help you pick through the best of the best and we’ve noticed Under Armour’s latest mid-layers & sweaters looking particularly great.

Storm Daytona half-zip sweater
Under Armour Storm Daytona 1/2 zip

If you fancy yourself a bit of a sharp dresser then your eyes will no doubt be drawn to Under Armour’s latest collection, with styles ranging from modern & sporty to classic, traditional golf outfits. The question is... which do you go for?

Storm Daytona full-zip hoodie
Under Armour Storm Daytona Full-Zip Hoodie

Whether you’re a traditionalist or you like modern, sporty fashion, the UA Storm Daytona – available in half-zip and full-zip hoodie options – gives you a versatile look to suit any eye. Whichever version you prefer, it’s an absolute winner.

CGI taper trousers

You’ll want to pair your brand-new top with a pair of trousers that completes the look, right? Under Armour’s CGI Taper trousers do just that with a super-smart style, but they also complete your seasonal performance with ColdGear Infrared thermo-conductive lining to absorb & retain body heat.

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