What’s your putting stroke?

Michael Humphries

04 July 2022

If you watch The Open (or any PGA Tour event), you might notice commentators cringing at Will Zalatoris’s putting stroke. Let's just say it's pretty... unique. The thing is, it works for him and every putting stroke is different. So, if it's successful, surely it doesn’t matter what it looks like?

Whether your stroke has a strong arc, a slight arc or is straight as an arrow, all it comes down to is whether the ball goes in the hole. That’s where having the right putter comes into the equation: is the flatstick in your hands helping you get the most from your stroke?

Odyssey putters for different strokes
Odyssey putters for different strokes

A fantastic example of this is the Odyssey White Hot OG putter range, with different set-ups and models specifically designed for certain stroke types. That means finding a putter that works with you.

This all depends on whether the putter has lots of toe-hang, a bit of toe-hang or is face-balanced, which changes depending on the putter model and the hosel type. The White Hot OG range is a great example, with a choice of all three (high toe-hang, moderate toe-hang & face-balanced) throughout the different model and hosel set-ups.

Odyssey White Hot OG putter range

How can you figure out which one will complement your putting stroke? Well, that's where we come in. We can get that perfect putter in your bag in no time - just pop by the pro shop for a chat.

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