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Michael Humphries

06 February 2023

Review of the new Srixon Z-Star balls

With winter on the way out, we’re looking forward to the weather getting a little warmer and getting out on the course as often as possible. But we have a question for you:

Are you looking to start spring with anything new in your bag?

Now is the time to practice with and find your ideal ball before competition season gets underway. Who knows, you might find a new favourite to help you reach the best spot on the short grass…

Tried and true

Srixon Soft Feel
Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon is one of the most trusted brands you’ll see on the course, with greats of the game such as Shane Lowry and Hideki Matsuyama flying their colours. Soft Feel, one of Srixon’s more affordable balls, is easy to hit and performs time and again.

The FastLayer Core goes from a soft core to a more firm outer edge so it feels soft while giving you lots of distance off the tee. A really fantastic combination. The 338 dimple pattern helps the ball sail through the air with a more aerodynamic flight. The dimples also reduce drag at launch and increase lift on the ball’s descent. If you want a ball that feels great to hit and will give you more consistent distance, the Soft Feel will really help you out.

The perfect all-rounder

Srixon AD333
Srixon AD333

If you’re in the market for something that offers you a bit of everything, you may be inclined to go for the AD333 balls. You’ll get amazing balls speeds off the tee due to the easy-to-hit FastLayer Core and 338 dimple pattern. You’ll have excellent spin control due to the Spin Skin cover that’s been designed for better stopping power around the greens. There have been more than 10 generations of this particular ball, so all that Srixon tech is getting more refined with each release, have a go with them yourself and you’ll see the results!

Ultimate control

Srixon Z-Star balls
Srixon Z-Star balls

If you know exactly how you want your ball to spin, the Z-Star will do it. The balls feel incredibly soft and easy to spin due to the FastLayer DG Core. The external Spin Skin+ coating on the outside of the ball is super receptive on impact, giving you both maximum spin and stopping power. You’ll be pitching it perfectly on the greens with this ball from Srixon, having this level of control over your ball is a serious game-changer.

If you want to prioritise getting the most distance over everything, the Z-Star XV will see flying down the fairway off the tee. The Diamond Z-Star ball is a fantastic all-rounder and takes the best of standard Z-Star and the XV models. If you’re a skilled player, you’ll be able to take advantage of all this ball has to offer.

We can help you work out which ball in the Srixon family is most appropriate for you so you’ll have an added advantage in competitions or in those weekly games with your friends. With so many options available, pop in for a chat before you next tee off.

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