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Michael Humphries

12 December 2022

Under Armour Hovr Drive 2 golf shoes

How often in the past have you found yourself trudging around a muddy course in the winter? Struggling to scrape layers of mud off your shoes after the round? How about slipping in that mud when trying to hit your shots? Some might say these are just the troubles & toils of winter golf, but we disagree because we have a solution.

That solution is getting the right pair of shoes to deal with the weather. Sure, we can’t help the fact it’s wet and muddy, but we can get shoes that put a spring in our step, are easy to clean and grip the ground in those crucial moments.

Under Armour Glide SL golf shoes
Under Armour Glide SL golf shoes

The Glide SL – an excellent spikeless design - is a brilliant alternative from the Under Armour range. It looks super-sharp on the shelf, but the easy-care uppers mean that you can get them back to that sparkling, stylish look really easily after a muddy winter round.

If you want maximum traction, we’re going to make HOVR Drive 2 our stop for that. These shoes boast HOVR technology for support and stability as well as Rotational Resistance spikes that look and perform like they’re plucked out of a utopian future. There will be absolutely no slipping & sliding in your swing with these shoes.

Under Armour Hovr Drive 2 golf shoes
Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 golf shoes

Feel free to stop by the pro shop any time and try any of these Under Armour golf shoes on for yourself.

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