Your game: 2021 vs 2022

Michael Humphries

07 March 2022

What did a good iron shot look like for you in 2021? What did a bad shot look like? We ask because we have a way of making both of those better. In fact, we have a way of helping you with whatever part of iron-play you struggle with...

Titleist T300 irons
Titleist T300 & T400 Irons


You might already have seen Titleist’s T-Series irons, but how much do you know about them? The T400 & T300 are the most playable options within the range, with strategically-placed tungsten promoting high, forgiving launch and Max Impact technology giving you effortless distance.


Titleist has had plenty of famous Tour-player irons. The T100 irons can be found in both Justin Thomas & Jordan Spieth’s bags, which suggests they’re pretty workable when going pin-seeking. The compact shape and thin topline fit the eye of the world’s finest iron players, although it’s the precise performance that lets them pull off the shots they do. For those better players who are in need of a little extra distance on top of the above, the T100-S model has slightly stronger lofts for increased carry.

Titleist T100 Irons
Titleist T100 Irons
Titleist T200 Irons
Titleist T200 Irons


Bridging that gap between game-improvement T300 & T400 irons and Tour-preferred T100 irons is Titleist’s T200 iron. You can enjoy the shape & benefits of the T100 but with easy distance and added forgiveness to reduce the consequences of any mistakes. Sounds good, right?

All this adds up to more accuracy than last year, whether that’s pin-seeking or just finding fairways & greens more regularly. We have no doubt you’ll see the results, and all you have to do is book yourself an iron fitting with us to really maximise your potential in 2022.

VIDEO | Titleist T-Series Irons Review

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