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Michael Humphries

22 August 2022

Under Armour polo shirt

How often do you spot somebody on the course or the range and think ‘I wouldn’t mind having that top in my wardrobe’? Whether it’s a versatile, goes-with-everything mid-layer or a polo that makes a statement, we’re here to tell you about the most popular Under Armour items of 2022.

Polo shirts

This is where you really do have free reign, with three of our most popular ones being an all-over print that catches the eye from a mile off (Iso-Chill Floral) as well as two Playoff 2.0 polos; one modern & suave look and one truly classic option. The Floral option has an exciting summer-themed print, while you can choose from a three-coloured stripe pattern and a more subtle print in the two Playoff 2.0 polo.

Under Armour mid-layer


At this time of year, we’d like to think the mid-layer will stay in the bag, but if you do need to take it out then you want one that works with whatever you’re wearing on the day. In fact, who’s to say it can’t make your outfit look even better? Our most popular Under Armour mid-layer – the Storm half-zip pictured above – offers exactly that; versatile style. We also think it’s fantastic that it's available in a variety of colour options.


You can explore our entire range of Under Armour golf clothing by popping in and perusing our pro shop any time.

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