The mysterious sweet spot

Michael Humphries

19 September 2022

Example of desirable, OK & undesirable shot patterns
Example of desirable, OK & undesirable shot patterns

You feel it the instant it comes off the bat; it’s like swinging through air. A satisfied smile creeps across your face. It’s beautiful. It’s… the sweet spot. It’s what you dream of before you hit the ball, then afterwards you can kick back and enjoy that feeling as your ball soars through the air towards your target.

What about hitting the… Well, anywhere else? You also feel it at the moment of impact, but it’s not the feeling you dreamt of before and there’s no time to relax afterwards. It can hurt your hands at times (anyone who’s thinned a ball in freezing conditions knows that), but the physical pain of a miss-hit iron is not even the worst part.

Cobra LTDx iron
Cobra LTDx iron

Whether it’s running from the fear of missing it or towards the joy of hitting it, those feelings are why golf club engineers are focusing more than ever on a sweet spot that you can hit more often. In the case of Cobra, that means using innovative technologies to design weight & shape that helps real golfers; creating maximum playability in the LTDx irons.

That essentially means that the sweet spot – the perfect place to strike the ball – covers the most common impact points of golfers like you (as shown at the top). Pair that with the high-MOI perimeter weighting for added stability and you’ve got yourself even more control for better, more consistent results.

We can talk about the genius of these irons until the cows come home, but in order to feel what it’s like you really have hit the LTDx irons in a fitting session with us.

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