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Michael Humphries

31 October 2022

Srixon Z-Star golf balls

Here’s a technology that you can see and feel. We’re not talking about house-cleaning, bill-paying robots. No, we’re talking about the important stuff: golf balls. Specifically, we’re looking at how much easier it is to control your golf ball now than it was a decade or so ago.

They're all the same. Really?

You might not know it just from looking at the ball, but decades of research have gone into developing materials and designs. It’s certainly not just a little white ball (at least not anymore). Let’s take Srixon as a perfect example, with its Z-Star range boasting best-in-class engineering.

With the greens softer at this time of year, we can really take advantage of additional greenside control as the softer greens let you stop the ball faster. That means you can put it where you want it with much more precision.

The smart choice for winter

Fortunately, that’s where Srixon has focused its efforts in the Z-Star & Z-Star XV; creating a thermoplastic urethane cover with Spin Skin coating that gives you incredible greenside spin & control. Paired with the lush, soft winter greens, can’t you already picture hitting the green and watching your ball zip back towards the flag?

We said you can see & feel this, and you can. You can feel the enhanced friction at impact on every shot (particularly with your wedges) and you see it in the result of those shots. While the engineers of these golf balls take deep dive into the science of materials, construction and performance, us golfers can just enjoy the proof that’s in the pudding: sitting close to the flag.

You can experience this for yourself, with Srixon’s Z-Star range available in our pro shop. Plus, we’ll be more than happy to talk you through each one if you’re not sure which model to choose.

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