Time for a change?

Michael Humphries

13 February 2023

We all have that one reliable club that we’ve grown so used to that we'll never replace it. We look over how tattered it’s become. A few small chips on the clubhead here and there perhaps, or the feel in the shaft may have deteriorated slightly. For a lot of golfers, it's the grip where the real problem is. If your grip is old and worn, you’re more likely to have your club slip in your hand mid-swing, resulting in a miss-hit or the dreaded 'S' word...

All grips have an impact on your game, whether that be positive or negative.

We want you having reliable equipment that helps you play consistently better golf and, fortunately, grips are the easiest (and cheapest) part of the club to replace. Regripping your club isn’t a regular experience but you’ll be surprised how much of your game’s success depends on having a comfortable grip, and there are far more choices (or options) than you might think! We might even have a little surprise for you at the end of this article.

Feel and approach

Golf Pride CPX Grip
Golf Pride CPX Grip

So much of golf is about feel.

When you’ve played the same course for a number of times you’ll develop a feel for the kind of shot you’d like to hit on any given hole. How many times have you heard the benefit of visualising your shot before you take it? Approaching your shot with a positive feel and mindset is paramount to your performance; so it helps if your equipment is in top condition too! Going into your round with a fresh grip on your clubs will reassure you that you have absolute control over your game.

Think about it. Hitting a golf ball is a series of rituals. We place our ball on the tee or arrive at where we’ve just hit it. We study the shot we’re about to make and we visualize what we want to achieve. We turn to and study our bag then size up the appropriate club. We make our decision then reach in to take that club out, settle at address and pull off a few practice swings. Only then are we prepared to hit our next shot.

The set-up and practice swings are all about getting the right feel for your next shot, and with a brand new grip that has plenty of tread on it, you’ll be reassured that your club is helping you set up the best shot possible when you grab it out of your bag.

Don't overlook wear and tear

Golf Pride CPX Grip
Golf Pride CPX Grip

So much of feel when out on the course is to do with trust. Your GPS device tells you that the hole is 141 yards away so you go for a 7-iron because you trust the data however accurate it may be. Would you really trust a club with a grip that’s years old and has lots of wear and tear showing to help you perform better than one that was regripped last week?

Worn grips increase your body tension during your swing and give you less grasp in wet conditions.


Coming to grips with your gear

Golf Pride CPX Grip
Golf Pride CPX Grip

If you’ve not had your clubs regripped in a while it may be useful to point out you may have outgrown them. If you’ve got large hands you may benefit from a larger (or oversize) grip. If you’re unknowingly playing with a grip that’s too small for you, you’ll be holding the club tighter than you need to, which may be affecting your golf swing by putting too much emphasis into your hands and wrists.

Holding grips tighter will give you more tension in your body, and slow your swing down coming into impact.

A grip that’s the right size for you will relieve you of tension in your arms, freeing up movement in your upper body so you swing better through the ball. Getting regripped and custom-fitted can eliminate any hypotheticals about whether you’re using the right grips for you. It will only benefit your game, the grip is the section that connects you to your club after all.

Having grips that are too thin will give you less control of the club face, while grips that are too thick for you can leave the club face too open.


How does a FREE grip sound?

Golf Pride CPX Grip

We have an excellent opportunity for you to better know your grips and see how playing with new grips will benefit your game. Just visit us in the Pro Shop and we’ll regrip your 7-iron with a brand-new Golf Pride CPX grip for FREE.

The CPX from Golf Pride is super comfortable to hold, the EXO-3D diamond shaped texture pattern feels great in your fingers and makes picking up your club a pleasure each time. The Golf Pride Control Core technology helps reduce torque, meaning your shaft will stay stable through the swing and won’t twist too much.

Don’t miss out! We have a limited number of grips available so it’s first-come-first-served.

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