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Finish on a high

Michael Humphries

29 August 2022

Coaching for all golf shots

Just like having a bad round but ending with a good hole, finishing your season strongly gives you something to look back on fondly over the winter. Whether you've had a year full of highlights or have been battling hard to shoot respectable scores (we've all been there), we'd like to think we can offer something that will make this a reality for you. So, which area(s) of your game could do with a boost?


Do you like ‘driving for show’? Good. Because it’s the most fun club in the bag to hit and a good drive can set up a great hole. If you make a birdie, more often that not you will have found the fairway off the tee. Likewise, if you run up a high number, a poor drive will be a likely culprit. 


If you’re a good iron player, you’re a good golfer. It’s that simple. For some, a good iron shot is finding the heart of the green. For others, it’s tucking one close to the hole for a chance at birdie. Think back to your last round....if you hit 2 or 3 more greens in regulation, what difference would it have made to your score?

Short game coaching


From a full pitch to a bump-and-run and a clever little flop shot, having the ability to pull off different shots with your wedges prevents you getting stuck in a position you can’t navigate. Missing the green is part and parcel of playing this game we all love, so let's work on getting up-and-down more often.


We joke about driving for show, but ‘putting for dough’ is very much a real thing; it’s where rounds are made or destroyed. From long-range lag putting to being clinical from scoring range, erasing three-putts from your scorecard and finding the bottom of the cup from close range is key to better golf.


So, have a think about what part of your game could do with some fine-tuning before the season comes to a close and you’re battling it out to get your name on an Honours Board. We're always here to help!

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