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Your #1 Christmas destination

Michael Humphries

28 November 2022

Christmas gifts in the pro shop

We’ve all got that one thing we really want but can’t justify buying ourselves, but isn’t that exactly what Christmas wishlists are for? Whether it’s a pair of swanky new shoes or help stepping up your game in the off-season, we’re your No.1 spot this Christmas.

The place to go for gifts

We think that expert advice is important when it comes to picking the perfect present for a friend or loved one, and that’s exactly what us golf pros offer. If the person shopping for your gifts isn’t a golf expert, we’re the perfect people to point them in the right direction. Just ask them to visit us in the shop and we'll happily take the reigns from there.

What services do we offer?

A set of custom-fit irons might be out of the price range for most people’s Christmas shopping, but that’s not all we bring to the table. If you are looking at clubs, we can talk you (or whoever’s shopping for you) through all the need-to-knows. On the other hand, there’s always our coaching packages and gift vouchers.

We offer a wide range of coaching package, from lessons focusing on specific parts of the game with veteran golfers to helping beginners learn the ropes. If you’re after something specific – maybe even a club-crested product - it might be easier for somebody to get you a gift card so you can stroll into the pro shop ready to get exactly what you want.


We’ll always be happy to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch below or come by the pro shop any time.

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