Buying Guide: Wedges

Michael Humphries

21 February 2022

With Vokey’s new SM9 wedges coming to our shop very soon, this seems like a perfect time to explore just what you’re getting from Master Craftsman Bob Vokey that makes Titleist’s famed Spin Milled wedges so brilliant. And trust us, these are phenomenal!

Vokey SM9 Wedges

You might’ve spotted them on Tour already, since a lot of the game’s greatest wedge players rely on Vokey performance in their short-game. If it’s good enough for the world’s best, it’s good enough for us. But what makes them so outstanding? Well, they address each of the three keys to great wedge play.


When you’re playing around the greens, maximising your spin is absolutely critical. You want the face of your wedge to grip the ball, and that’s what Spin Milled grooves do. The face also boasts micro-grooves, with raised material that protects them to maintain the sharpness and extend that performance over time.

VIDEO | Vokey SM9 Wedges


The progressive centre of gravity throughout these SM9 wedges promotes lower loft in your shots, which gives you more control over distance & trajectory. There are even two types of grooves, with narrow & deep grooves in lower-lofted wedges compared to wider & shallower in the high lofts.


The six different grind options within the SM9 wedge range are more than any other wedge in the industry. Whether you need to play out of a bunker, attack the pin or hit a full flop shot, you’ll find an SM9 with the answer. You can even get all-purpose wedges!

This can all seem pretty daunting, but that’s why we’re here to help. As PGA Professionals, we can fit you with the right set-ups to get the very most out of your short-game; getting you dialled-in and making getting up-and-down a hell of a lot easier!

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