Cobra's stunning new AeroJet driver

Michael Humphries

23 January 2023

Cobra Aerojet driver
Cobra AeroJet driver

Some names can be spotted all over every single Tour: on golf balls rolling towards the hole, on putters held aloft in victory and on drivers striping balls down the fairways.

Cobra is at the front of the queue when it comes to offering players forgiveness - especially in their irons - but this range of drivers is not to be overlooked. Please read on as we discuss all the exciting aspects of the latest AeroJet drivers from Cobra.

First impressions

The AeroJet driver has all the looks and performance of a space rocket. We're not kidding. The placement of the weights on the sole, as well as the shape of the crown and the cushion behind the PWRShell face, makes the club look dynamically fast to give you the best performance possible.

The AeroJet name is even printed on the sole in a stencil-like font that helps the club look like an aircraft in flight mid-swing. The silver, black, and blue colour scheme is certainly eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, but does the tech catch up with the looks?

Key tech under the hood

With the AeroJet range you’ll be hitting if faster and further before you know it. The clubhead itself is aerodynamically charged to move through the air with ease, helping you swing the club faster and make a well-connected strike each time. The PWR-Bridge weight design ensures the face and sole are flexible on impact to help unleash the ball off the tee. It's this face flexion that generates the ball speed needed to maximise distance.

Anything that has technology called H.O.T has to be fast. Well, the Cobra AeroJet club face was designed using Artificial Intelligence, resulting in a variable thickness pattern that delivers a more efficient ball speed across the whole of the face. What this means for you is less of a drop off on distance and accuracy with off-centre strikes!

Cobra Aerojet Driver

Range architecture

The Cobra AeroJet range includes three distinct drivers each designed to help you improve your game. Have a read and you’ll definitely feel that one of these drivers was made to compliment your playing style.

If you find you have a tendency to slice the ball to the right, the AeroJet Max driver will help you get your game back on track. The driver has a draw-biased design to help you compensate for your left-to-right shot shape and stay on the fairway. You’ll be hitting it faster, further, and straighter, what’s not to love?

The standard AeroJet driver is an excellent choice if you’re after speed and distance but want a club that offers forgiveness too. The adjustable loft sleeve offers up to +/- 1.5 degrees of loft so you can make your shots your own. This driver is light, easy to hit, and will get your results.

If you’re a more skilled player, the AeroJet LS would make a fine addition to your bag. This driver offers you low spin (LS) workability so you have a better trajectory and drives that stay in the air for longer. The weight ports in the sole offer a neutral to fade-biased trajectory for more control off the tee too. If you swing it fast and rip it down the fairway, this driver will get you the results you’re after.

Whichever model you think is right for your game, you can get it through us. But putting the right one in your bag is critical, which is why it’s vital you visit us and take advantage of our professional custom fitting service.

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