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The art of staying cool

Michael Humphries

14 August 2023

There’s nothing quite like playing golf in August. There’s big competitions and trophies to be won. Plus, the course is always in pristine condition.


Naturally, a big attraction to being out on the course during the summer is the sublime August weather. While there’s no better feeling than taking to the course with your friends when the sun’s shining, making sure you’re well equipped and protected is key.

Did you know that most golf-specific polos boast UV protection & material to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day?

Thankfully, the material in the latest golf apparel from Puma is designed to keep you feeling cool and refreshed for long periods of time. It’s incredibly difficult to play good golf and enjoy your round when the heat’s getting to you and you’re feeling a bit hot under the collar. Luckily, these dazzling golf polo shirts will keep you playing with a smile on your face all round long.


Moisture-wicking properties

When you’re outside playing golf in the hot summer sun, getting sweaty is unavoidable. Thankfully, modern golf clothing has moisture-wicking sweat-relief properties that help reduce sensations of dampness and unwanted odors. Keeping you playing happy and comfortable in the sunny weather.


UV Protection

If you’re out in the sun for too long without adequate protection, you’ll undoubtedly feel dizzy and overheat. To help keep you safe from the sun’s harsh rays, golf apparel comes ready-made with a certain degree of UV protection. You can rest assured that your torso and shoulders will be safe from sunburn on those brighter rounds.

Both of these qualities can be found in the latest range of Puma golf clothing. These polo shirts can all boast of being stylish and fun, while also being incredibly practical.


Mattr Florals Polo

Summertime is the perfect time of year to add a bright floral design to your wardrobe, and the Mattr Florals Polo is a fantastic choice. This intricately detailed shirt features pink and blue petalled flowers running all over a grey base colour. The pattern makes use of space and the style looks both sharp and subtle.


Cloudspun Stems Polo

If you prefer to wear shirts that have larger, more distinctive patterns, the Cloudspun Stems Polo may be the one for you. The polo makes use of pleasantly contrasting colours through featuring blue shapes of petals and stems running over a crisp white base. The more you look, the more flowers reveal themselves. If you love to wear fun and flamboyant shirts, this one ticks all the boxes.


Mattr Pineapples Polo

What better embodies summertime than some delicious tropical fruit? If you’re raring for a tropical getaway, you’ll feel a kinship with the Mattr Pineapples Polo from Puma. As the name suggests, this shirt features icons of miniature blue pineapples that are pleasantly arranged all over the garment. The patterning is so subtle that you may only realize they’re pineapples up close!


Cloudspun Primary Polo

You may well feel more at home wearing more subtle clothing, and if that’s the case you can’t go wrong with the Cloudspun Primary Polo. This straightforward colour block shirt is available in multiple colourways including blue and pink. This dependable shirt looks great, is very practical, and is suitable for any golfing event. What’s not to love?

These shirts are just a taste of all the fantastic Puma clothing we currently have available in the pro shop. We’re sure to have something to your tastes in stock, so why not pop by the pro shop the next time you’re visiting the club?

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