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The best shoes in 2023

Michael Humphries

06 March 2023

With the kickoff to the season just around the corner, we can’t wait to head out and enjoy the sunshine. Of course, a big part of being prepared for golf is making sure our equipment is just how we like it, and what’s more important than wearing the kind of shoes that really speak to you and make you feel good when you’re playing golf?

Picture the coming days: It’s nearing the best time of the year, the sun is out, flowers are blooming, and there’s more time in the day to play golf. With the turn of a new season beginning, you deserve a new change to your game too, so why not spruce up your wardrobe?

Getting yourself a new golf shoe will be a breath of fresh air and you’ll be playing down the fairway with a spring in your step. We have lots of new shoes landing in the pro shop in the near future and we can’t wait for you to take them in.


What should you look for in a golf shoe?

As with all shoes, they need to have that comfort factor so they feel snug and familiar when we slip them on. We also need shoes that will keep us protected from the elements when it’s wet underfoot so a soggy sock doesn’t dampen our fun on the course.

Once we’ve considered the fundamentals it’s important that they look good too. Looking stylish will tap into that feel-good confidence boost that comes when we’re playing well and we just know we’ll ace the next shot. Read on to explore some excellent golf shoes to consider if you’re after a new pair.

Our shoes that are on the way have all these factors covered and will have you falling in love with being on the course all over again. Here are some fantastic new releases from FootJoy that we’ll be stocking this year.


Traditions Spikeless

Spikeless Traditions
Spikeless Traditions

You’ll love the Spikeless Traditions golf shoe from the very first impression. The leather jumps out at you as being intricately crafted for a fashionable style while being sturdy and comfortable. The material won’t bog you down at all and the foam midsole proves to be a light and comfortable fit around your foot. While the inside of the shoe will be keeping your feet snug and comfy, the exterior will be ensuring you have excellent grip. The spikeless traction gives you a solid grip and feel around the course, plus the you won’t feel out of place wearing these shoes away from the course.

They feel so pleasant to wear you’ll head to the first tee smiling every time you slip them on.


Fuel Sport

Fuel Sport
Fuel Sport

Keep playing to the best of your ability with the FootJoy Fuel. These shoes are built for movement and keep your feet comfortable while you play, the material in the uppers keeps your feet feeling breathable with every step. The midsole is similarly inviting and made from a foam specifically designed for golf, so you’re comfortable as you walk and turn your feet through your swing. The outsole on the bottom of the Fuel gives you excellent traction and grip in all weather conditions.

The purple and pink colour highlights on the outsole really draw the eye, if you want a shoe that looks sporty and active while feeling super comfortable, we’d recommend the Fuel.

While we know both of these shoes will keep you feeling and looking great on the course, sometimes it can be tricky finding the exact one that really speaks to you. Visit us and we’ll walk you through your options. We’re always on-hand to help you with all things golf related so pop by and we’ll be happy to offer you our professional advice.

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