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Which look do you prefer?

Michael Humphries

08 May 2023


We wait all year round for the best time to play golf and it’s finally here!

Now that we’re well into May, the days are the longest and warmest we’ve had this year to date, which means we can finally play in lighter clothing. We have some fantastic ladies clothing brands available through us, and the summer collection from Puma is not to be overlooked!

We appreciate that as golfers we all have different clothing tastes and styles, and that some clothes will grab us more than others. Puma knows this better than anyone so we’ve put together two outfits using clothing from their Summer 2023 range to give you an idea of the kind of golf apparel that is available through us.


Something distinctive


Puma is renowned for making some fantastic animal print clothing (which is very apt considering their brand name and logo) and the MATTR Animal sleeveless polo is a fine example. This sleeveless top has a navy and lucite combination pattern that runs all-over the fabric. The shirt is light, breezy, and will keep you cool in the summer sun.

To help you wrap up warm on those cooler rounds, you’ll benefit from taking the Gamer ¼ Zip mid-layer with you. This is a straightforward navy blazer that has streaks of white on the quarter-zip and lining of the collar.


Something dependable


If you love detailed patterns, you’ll be drawn to the MATTR Pathfinder polo. This polo has small, intricate shapes of varying shades of blue that run all-over the base navy colour. The shirt has a collar and quarter zip that make it easy to wear and remove. The fabric is stretchy so you can swing your clubs all day long and not feel restricted in any way.

Naturally, you’re going to be out on the golf course for hours at a time. That’s a long time to be exposed to the elements. The Cloudspun Heather jacket will keep you warm and comfortable as you play. The full-zip jacket is a form-fitting garment so once you slip it on you’ll feel right at home.


Your look, your choice

So, which of our new looks did you most prefer? This is not an exhaustive list of everything we have but just a tiny taste of what we have available. If you’re on the lookout for new golf clothing this summer, why not tap the button below and have a peruse at our full Puma range?

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